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How EFHx works

Find work

Find independent & remote work. Flexible working hours. Temporary and project-based opportunities. With freelance jobs from home, balance your work-life perfectly.

Find skilled people

Use our advertisement maker to post opportunities. Find scarce skills overnight. EFHX takes end-to-end ownership of sourcing – team creation – delivery- managing remote workforce.

Skill Mapping

Skills and opportunities are able to find each other in few clicks. Ratings. Recommendations. ‘Billed so far’ statistics. Interactive Google Map.


EFHX is built to adapt. A value constellation of skills and opportunities. Co-creating value. Collaboration. Engagement.

About Us

EFHx is a digital marketplace owned and operated by DOT1 | 4C Plus. EFHX is here to introduce a new language to the gig economy with our unique AI powered tools and stand out in the pool of freelancing websites in India. Find freelance jobs online as an individual and solve your professional needs as a business.

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Why should you step into the gig economy?

EFHx For All

Are you an individual or an enterprise wondering how to find a balance between what worked before and what needs to happen to succeed in the next normal? You might be an experienced professional, or someone wanting to go entrepreneurial, or a homemaker, or a young talented enthusiast simply wanting to monetise your skills. Or a corporate wanting to engage with a remote workforce; saving real estate and to hire immediately. To all customers and independent professionals, come cash-in on EFHX, a digital marketplace for today & tomorrow. Connect with us on EFHX now and become a part of the community. L I F T